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Training Day For Industry, October 10th

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-07-25 08:09

Helping You in Your Business With Health and Safety Needs

We will be holding a training event on October the 10th that we believe will help you protect your business and your employers. The training event will cover the need for drug and alcohol screening in the workplace and health and wellbeing for employees. 

Drug & Alcohol in The Workplace Training

Protecting Your Business

BreathalyserWith the change in roadside breathalyser laws in 2015, it is inherent upon you as a company owner to consider how a drug and alcohol screening programme can fit into your business. This type of programme can only protect your employees and your business. 

Lowering Your Costs

At HealthScreen, we believe in helping our customers to provide the very best strategies for health and safety while controlling and lowering costs. With this in mind we will be holding a training event that will allow you to undertake your drug and alcohol screening programme in house to a high quality standard. 

Car crash

This training event is designed to assist your awareness of alcohol and drug problems and the implications for you as an employer. We will detail the effect alcohol and drug misuse has on a workplace safety and performance levels.

We will cover the need for a drug and alcohol programme for any company that employs drivers or provides company vehicles for the use by employees. We will also discuss the implications for any employer who has work vehicles such as forklifts and employees who work with any type of heavy equipment or machines. 

We will also discuss identifying someone under the influence and how to test for Drug and Alcohol use in the workplace.

Helping You To Protect Your Business

In order to protect your business, your drug and alcohol strategy needs a multi faceted approach, so we will train you on the day in all of the elements that you need to consider. The following shall be covered during the course:

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Nature and Causes
  • Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in the workplace
  • How to identify someone under the influence
  • Ways to screen
  • What to do with a positive result
  • Implications of testing
  • Practical session on the use of our testing kits

At the end of this workshop you will be equipped with all the knowledge and the skills you need to run an in-house drug and awareness programme and drug and alcohol screening strategy. 

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Successful completion of the course will lead to Certification of Competency to Test in the Workplace.

Health and Wellbeing

The afternoon session will be delivered by our partners at ViaVita Health. It willcover how you can implement an effective health and wellbeing programme designed for the individual needs of your business and your employees.

The Connected Approach

ViaVita believe in a connected approach to delivering health and wellbeing for employees. This type of approach and their services can help to lower ongoing costs by reducing illness and abseteeism.

Healthy eatingNutrition
Healthy exerciseExercise

They will discuss all of the facets that need to be covered to Implement an effective health and wellbeing programme for your business. They will discuss:

  • How to guide
  • A toolkit,
  • Case studies and an update on good practice

There will also be a Q&A and discussion with Giverny Porter who is the Sales & Marketing Director of Via Vita Health Ltd. 

Plus, they will be onsite all day if you want a quick health & MOT

They will offer an individual appointment, key health indicator tests, body weight, body fat, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, body water content, blood pressure & heart rate. 

If you have any questions in about the training event, call us on 01455 234 600 or book your place now. 

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