Hearing Protection

Industrial Hearing Protection in Leicester & Across The United Kingdom

Industrial Ear Molds

Hearing ProtectionFor an excellent cost-effective solution in protecting your employees and their hearing, we deliver the perfect solution.  

Industrial Earplugs

Our Industrial earplugs are made from a medical grade silicone and provide employees with the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction as they are custom shaped to the employee’s own ear.  Remaining flexible and soft throughout their lifetime, the moulds will provide several years of use.

This eliminates the amount of discomfort employees face with the typically supplied foam earplugs when they try to expand back to their original shape, and/or the constant pressure of a set of earmuffs.

You can buy Industrial Hearing Protection products in our online shop now.

Long Life Hearing Protection

hearing protection

Hearing protection will also reduce the amount a company annually spends on hearing protection requirements.  With a lifespan of 4-7 years depending on use, working environment and employee care.

How much protection can one expect from a well-fit pair of Ear Protectors?

Frequency Hz    125  250  500  1000  2000  3000  4000  6000  8000

Mean Attenuations (dB)  25.1  30.2  33.2  34.2  36.1  37.9  40.8  42.0  40.4

Standard Deviations (dB)  1.7  3.7  3.8  2.3  3.7  4.7  4.3  5.0  3.6

For further information and prices on  this “on the spot” delivered product please call Health Screen Ltd


Night Workers
Night Worker Surveillance
Fork Lifts
FLT assessments
Lung Function
Lung Function testing
Fire Risk
Fire Risk Assessments
Isocyanates Monitoring
Eye Tests
visual assessment surveillance

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